SAT136: Akhenaten - Incantations Through The Gates Of Irkalla (2015)

by Satanath Records

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Tim McLelland
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Tim McLelland I love the abundance of non-traditional instrumentation on this record! Great stuff! Wish Satanath Records would stop labelling their shit this way though, filters to "S" when it should be in "A." Minor quibble, I know ... but annoying when you are seeking out a specific disc. Favorite track: Brahma Astra.
Corrèze the deads
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Corrèze the deads Oubliez surtout Orphaned land et Myrath ; mais oubliez également Scarab, Nile ou Melechesh, et repentez-vous...les puissances occultes du grand désert sont lâchées ! Un must dans le genre ! Favorite track: Ninurta: The Fall Of Anzu.
tr00 thumbnail
tr00 Akhenaten were a pleasant surprise. Though this particular sub genre of death / black metal with Asia Minor melodies and scales has been explored already by many bands (Nile and Melechesh come to mind as the most prominent but hardly the only ones), Akhenaten bring their own to the table. The Eastern melodies take center stage here more often than not, and it's a bonus, since the writing is always tasteful. Great vocal work and unassuming but excellent guitar riffs that perfectly suit the spirit of the record make for a unique atmosphere and a recommended listening experience. Well done.
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sfcr That Death or Black Metal and oriental music can be wonderfully combined is no longer an insider tip since "Nile", "Melechesh" and "Al-Namrood". Nevertheless, "Akhenaten" manage to put their stamp on the unusual style mix.
Deep, demonic growls are enhanced by nasty screams and sometimes so distorted that one might think that the god of the dead Anubis himself is talking to the listener. The guitars are usually really fat, but sometimes also melodic, grooving or even almost rhythmic-danceable.
K. Hungus Lives
K. Hungus Lives thumbnail
K. Hungus Lives I feel like the mix does this opus a great disservice. Even so this is an immersive, captivating journey.


Catalog: MURDHER 009 / SAT136 / DR 023 CD

Co-release with Murdher Records (Ita), Darzamadicus Records (Mkd).

Includes 16-page booklet.

1000 limited copies.

200 copies in package were lost by US Postal Services. Officially now only 800 exist.

Jewel Box, CD.

Attention! If you buy physical copy, digital album is not included...


released December 20, 2015


all rights reserved


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