SAT166: Plasmodium - Entheognosis (2016)

by Satanath Records

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Metallurgical Fire
Metallurgical Fire thumbnail
Metallurgical Fire Plasmodium is phenomenal! This music rivals bands like Blattaria and Imperial Triumphant for dissonance and next-level drum work. Are the songs too long? Maybe you could say that, but they’re definitely not boring. This is insane shit. If you like Jute Gyte, and experimental music in general, it’s a must have album (also check their album Towers of Silence on Transcending Obscurity from 2021!) Favorite track: Limbic Disassociation.
bmurator thumbnail
bmurator Australian Psychedelic Black / Death Metal. This goes against most accepted "norms" of music. There is an enormous amount going on so be patient & give it time... :) It does not always work perfectly but it is an utterly fascinating journey! I think I will be getting their latest album too! Recommended!
CoughCool thumbnail
CoughCool I can honestly say that this is the first instance of hearing psychedelic black metal, & I have to say goddamn! What a release! You want to be receptive of what's on here, don't mildy approach this thinking it's a nice Sunday listen, it's the devil's sabbath, this is a mountain of dark offerings Favorite track: Limbic Disassociation.
destroykid thumbnail
destroykid Chaotic messiah and sweet female samples! Favorite track: Limbic Disassociation.
francescodalporco thumbnail
francescodalporco Complete madness and illness


Catalog: SAT166 / CSR028

Co-release with Cimmerian Shade Recordings (USA).

Includes 12-page booklet.

500 limited copies.

Jewel Box, CD.

Attention! If you buy physical copy, digital album is not included...


released December 29, 2016


all rights reserved


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